Trafileria Mauri – Now and Then | Past and present of the wire industry

Our history

storia parte iniziale1961Trafileria Mauri was established in 1961 by Mr. Angelo Mauri and his three sons after a short experience of steel working on behalf of third parties.
In a 500 sq. m. manufacturing plant with two singleblock machines and two straighteners begins its activity a company that will become in the next years one of the leading enterprises of the European steel processing field.



1976Since 1976 joint-stock company, in 1979 it takes up a covered area of 1.150 sq. m. and the first block of offices are built. With few dozen of operators the company is already an important reference point for the industrial area around Lecco.

1978The expansion towards the French market begins with the opening of a new branch office in the High Savoy (Marignier).

1991The covered area is 3.000 sq. m..

1995The office building is enlarged with the inclusion of the personnel service areas, the infirmary and the guardian house.

In the 90s the sales and operative network is strengthened with the remarkable expansion of the Marignier warehouse and the opening of two new premises in Paris and Bologna. At the same time Trafileria Mauri buys other two sheds as warehouses: one in Suello and the other in Ponte Lambro.

2000With the admission to the management of the second generation, the covered area is 15.400 sq. m. and that of the outdoor squares is 15.300 sq. m., which means a total area of 30.700 sq. m

2007With an important financial investment, the Bologna premises are significantly widened.

2008Creation of two new combined production lines for squares and hexagons.

2010-2013Expansion and modernization of the drawing department from bar to bar for diameters up to 90 mm. New facilities for the straightening of hexagon profiles (max. 70 mm) and square profiles (max. 60 mm) and for the end finish.
Expansion of the raw material warehouse and improvement of the equipment of the rolled bar area.

2015Modernization laboratory of Quality Department by the purchase of new machines (Quantometer, Spectrolab for the steel analysis and purchase of a new tensile testing machine to check the steel mechanical properties).

2016Addition of new off-line control lines (Circograph + Defectomat).

2017In 2017 the Bruno Mauri’s family acquired 100% control of Trafileria Mauri. This has brought a greater stability in ownership and in business management. A new development and investment plan has begun that will lead in the next years to a significant increase in production capacity and efficiency.


Trafileria Mauri produces 70% of drawn free-cutting steels and 30% of engineering and medium-alloyed steels.

40 % of production is destined to the Italian market while the remaining 60% is absorbed by the foreign market.

The family management assuring stability and reliability, the investment in advanced technology sometimes conceived in cooperation with the machinery producers, the constant attention to customer/partner requirements and to the demand trends strengthen the leading role on the national territory and enhance the image of Trafileria Mauri as an old-established company.

With 140 employees, a production of 100.000 tons/year and a yearly portfolio of about 2.000 customers, the Mauri family manages today a very modern industrial group, present in 15 different countries of the Mediterranean area.

We thank our customers and partners for these 50 successful years with the commitment to an even bigger cooperation so that through the sharing of the mutual experience we can keep on improving our work always looking at the future.